The Only Breathing Chair in the World

This All in One Concept guides you towards a deep and slow breathing and brings amazing benefits on your mind and body.

O2CHAIR, your companion for a healthier life.

«Breathe Deeply For A Better Life»

Unique and Revolutionary Concept

The chair’s features enhance abdominal breathing and focus particularly on the rib cage, the center of the breathing mechanism.

It aims at increasing breathing awareness and helps users breathe slower and more deeply to be physically and mentally healthier.

The O2CHAIR application, available on the integrated tablet or your smartphone, interacts with the chair.

How does it work?

Once the application begins, the chair mechanism follows very accurately the movement of each inhalation, exhalation and retention and all results are shown on the smartphone or tablet.

O2CHAIR enables full understanding and control of the respiratory system.

Thanks to regular and easy exercises, users can improve their breathing for better health and stress management.

Exercise Relax

Longer exhalation to reach a state of relaxation.

"Feeling stressed or overwhelmed ? Focus on your own breathing and take the time to breathe ! Keep focusing, be aware of your body sensations and enjoy this moment of relaxation."
Marie Rose Windels, Breathing Expert and organizer of GIC 2016

Exercise Performance

Inhalation longer than exhalation to increase oxygen rate.

PNG"Breathing exercises can optimize your health and certainly your performances. Inhaling for a longer time than exhaling will increase the oxygen level into your cells and body and help you better perform."
Stig Severinsen, Breatheology, holding a 4x Freediving World Champion and Multiple Guinness World Records

Exercise Balance

Heart Coherence, synchronization of breathing with heart beats.

"Heart Coherence brings amazing results on our health such as balance, weight loss and stress relief!"
Dr. David O’Hare

Customized settings

Time management of inhalation, exhalation, full and empty retention.

“Good breathing is about Allowing the breath and Trusting your physiology. Physiology is Smart. Learn to be the breathing, rather than to do the breathing.”
Dr. Peter M. Litchfield

Exercise First Breath

The most profound change at birth is your baby’s first breath. At this point, your baby’s lungs, which were filled with fluid during pregnancy, must suddenly fill with oxygen from the air.

The baby takes the first breath within about 10 seconds after delivery. This breath sounds like a gasp, as the newborn’s central nervous system reacts to the sudden change in temperature and environment.

"First Breath is an exercise that brings our original breath back and remember us to Breathe.
Jean-Louis Portales, Founder of INNOVZEN

Exercise Sleep

Dr Andrew Weil from Harvard is very well-known with his breathing technique 4-7-8. Indeed, it is amazing to see how it works.

Thousands of people with sleeping disorders have already used it one and confirmed that they managed to fall back asleep very quickly thanks to Breathing.

"The benefits of this simple practice are enormous and work as a natural tranquilizer for your nervous system".
Dr. Andrew Weil

Exercise Meditation

The purpose of ’Breathing Meditation’ is to calm and quiet the mind, to stop distracting thoughts, sooth the soul, and develop inner peace.

Create your own breathing exercise

If we look around, we realize that there are many breathing techniques available to help us relax, perform better, sleep better, and also concentrate better.

Conscious breathing has many benefits that we are not always aware of.

"I have been enjoying the Innovzen O2 Chair for several months and have found it to be extremely effective for stress management, and as an aide to my personal breath training. I highly recommend the device for businesses that want to provide true wellness options for their team."
Mark Divine of Sealfit


We breathe as we live: in a rush!

People who are rushing most of the time and who are often stressed tend to have a short and shallow breathing pattern close to hyperventilation.

Under those conditions, air goes through the lungs too quickly, without having the time to be absorbed by the cells of the body.


Breathing has two phases: inhalation and exhalation.

Inhalation moves air into the lungs and delivers oxygen into the cells of the body.

Exhalation moves air out of the lungs and expels carbon dioxide.

If we don’t breathe deeply, gas exchanges are reduced and this decrease can cause headaches, distractions, dizziness, tiredness and other illnesses.

The perfect respiratory movement

Your smartphone/tablet guides you through basic breathing movements for an optimal oxygenation and better stress management.

Breathe in

When the user breathes in, the back of the chair gently moves thanks to a unique patented design.

Shoulders, shoulder blades and rib cage expand while the head slowly swings backward.

This expansion increases the amount of air inhaled thus increasing the oxygen supply to all body organs.

Breathe out

When the user breathes out, the back of the user lightly sinks into the chair and a feeling of relaxation occurs.

This progressive support during the exhalation phase allows a better release of CO2 increasing the feeling of peace and relaxation.

Benefits of a deep breathing

For those of us who are looking for serenity, for sportsmen, for professionals managing stress…

Breathing takes us to another dimension:
breathing is a vital function and it can support us in achieving excellence.

«Better Breathing for Better Health»

Benefits of a good breathing

  • Increases physical energy
  • Reduces blood pressure and heart rate
  • Reduces lactic acid in muscles and blood
  • Balances O2 and CO2 levels in the blood
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Helps you reach a state of relaxation and enhances creativity and learning ability
  • Leads to physical relaxation
  • Relieves anxiety
  • Improves blood circulation enabling O2 and nutrients to flow from the lungs to the cells of the body


- O2SOFTWARE: Control Center

- O2ZERO-GRAVITY: Biomechanism

- 02PURE: Air Purifier

- O2SWING: Gentle Swing

- O2SOUND: Voice & Sound

- O2HEAT: Heat to relax muscles

- O2RELAX: Science & Design


Control Center - 1/4

Smartphone/Tablet is the control center of the Chair. The application is simple and easy to use and it offers customized breathing exercises for everybody.

Its unique graphics, sounds and voices make it a first ever and evolving chair for development and stress management.

Every inhalation, exhalation and retention is accurately analyzed. Each session is synchronized with the Chair mechanism which facilitates the understanding of the respiratory system and optimizes the benefits of the exercise.


Control Center - 2/4

Graphic settings

4 graphic choices are available to enhance your exercises.

Images are perfectly synchronized with breathing exercises and the Chair’s movement.

This visual guide enables the user to have a fun and educative session.


Control Center - 3/4

Exercise settings

You can easily experience the benefits of controlled breathing in as little as 5 minutes. And so we have created a 5-minute session for your ease and comfort.

You can time your session up to 30 minutes maximum.


Control Center - 4/4

Advanced settings

Breathing exercises can be customized at your own convenience according to your needs and expectations.



The zero-gravity position is a biomechanical position.

Its purpose is to reduce pressure on the spine and optimize the breathing exercises.

Zero-gravity therapy helps relax the backbone for deeper and more comfortable breathing.


Air purifier

Air quality and higher oxygen concentration are important for successful sessions.

A lack of oxygen may cause health problems, such as attention and performance issues.

Indeed the oxygen may become insufficient in indoor spaces due to a resident’s continuous breathing and in big cities where air pollution keeps increasing.

O2PURE provides additional oxygen. Its high concentration can help boost your metabolism and optimize your exercise.


Gentle Swing

O2SWING, which has been integrated into the chair as an option, enables you to swing slightly while you breathe out and breathe in for more efficient exercises.

The tilt and swing of the chair will improve blood circulation, regenerate all organs, help detoxify your body and consequently provide a heightened sense of well-being.



Breathing exercises are done in rhythm and relaxing music enhances calmness.

Different musical notes for each inhalation, exhalation and full and empty retention help us follow the exercises in an easy and intuitive way.

You can then better relax while you focus on breathing techniques.


Heat to relax muscles

We have integrated a heating system into the back of the chair as an option to maximize your comfort and improve muscle relaxation.


Science & design

The O2CHAIR is a concept uniquely designed to provide comfort as well as esthetics.

Ergonomic lines are especially made to support relaxation and to optimize the breathing exercises.

The anatomically-shaped foam guarantees absolute comfort.